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it has been one whole year of hard work and soreness. limited amount of rest days.

im 21 male and very happy with my self now :)

My whole life i have been fat, i have never been skinny i just been getting fatter and fatter. my turning point was when my clothes werent fitting me anymore i was a 7xl and i didnt not want to become a 8xl. plus in Australia its really hard to find clothes above 6xl.

in March 2014 i weighed in at 154kg, i was a big mother F**ker. i used to sit on my ass play video games all day and eating junk food.. pretty much my life was going no where. junk food was my key to happiness, but there was a negativity about it, i would gain weight. I USE TO LOOK INT HE MIRROR AND SAY TO MY SELF ITS OKAY YOU'RE NOT THAT FAT. i was lying to my self to make me feel better, i shouldnt of done that.

This was me March 2014

fed up and annoyed of myself i joined a gym to try and start losing weight and start eating healthy. it worked i was losing weight every week. latter on i got my self a personal trainer. she was great, working my ass off all the time. we did H.I.T (High Intensity Training), pretty much go go go go, no stopping for 40 mins it was hard for me at the start. i was 154KG. i still remember the first exercise i did with her, i had to do step ups it was about 50 cm off the floor 12 time 4 times and star jumps. i felt like passing out it sounds so easy but it was so hard.

come to November i lost 60kg. i was sooo happy 60Kg man, thats a whole person i worked off.

the start of this year i decided i wanted to start lifting weights and become big again (but in the good way). i would never want to be fat agian my whole life i was fat. i havent had mcdonalds, burger king or KFC for well over a year, i dont miss it one bit.

i hope this will inspire someone to lose weight and be happy

this is me now

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Published by Joseph Stgeorge , 02.11.2016 at 09:18


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