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Axia Consultants - How to Select a New Software System

10 key steps in selecting new Accounting, CRM, HR or Payroll systems


1. Specify your requirements. Either brainstorm and work out what you need, or save yourself time by using Axia’s Accounting, CRM, HR, Payroll or HR+Payroll Checklists.


2. Identify systems / software vendors. Check out the market, visit exhibitions, research the internet, talk to other users, create and issue an outline RFI/RFP.


3. Review software details, vendor responses. Compare against outline requirements. Identify a short list of 3 or 4 potential vendors that meet your requirements.


4. Attend system demonstrations with vendors. Confirm that the systems can meet your requirements. Reduce the list down to 2 or 3 preferred vendors with which to proceed further.


5. Refine your new system design thoughts - from what you have seen and heard, and from your original ideas / requirements.


6. Prepare and issue an extended RFI or RFP containing your detailed requirements to the preferred vendors. Carefully review and evaluate the responses.


7. Undertake further investigations - of all areas / relevant aspects of the software. Test and prototype system software - especially for complex requirements. Examine other areas eg hardware, network, database, system performance.


8. Attend detailed system demonstrations and meetings. Cover and resolve all points, issues and queries from the above with the preferred vendors.


9. Reference site visits. Visit at least 3 reference sites (and phone 3 more) of the preferred vendors. Listen and learn from their experiences.


10. Decision. From reviewing all the above information, it should be clear as to which system to purchase. Commence final negotiation, contractual and service level negotiations.

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Axia Consultants - Accounting Technology Conferences & Expos

There are many benefits of attending an accounting technology event - especially if you’re considering replacing your accounting software. These include:


  • improving your knowledge of the accounting software market, the latest trends and what’s available
  • checking out a software vendor’s latest offerings- in a low-key, informal way
  • comparing multiple vendors quickly and efficiently, in just one day


And it would be even more beneficial if you had details of what you need from your new accounting system. Gathering requirements and preparing a spec doesn’t have to be hard - the Accounting Software RFI/RFP Template can help you quickly and easily gather your requirements and prepare a requirements specification (and also a RFI and RFP).


Clicking a link below, will take you to the event website, where you can obtain more details such as the expo or conference contents, who’s exhibiting, locations and whether it’s chargeable or free to attend.


Although every attempt has been made to make the above calendar as accurate as possible, this cannot be guaranteed. For more details, contact the promoters directly.


Add a conference / expo - If you know of an Accounting Technology conference or expo which would be a useful to link to, please email brief details to



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People encouraged to better secure online accounts following Yahoo breach by Online Security

Residents who use Yahoo Mail are being encouraged by the S.C. Department of Consumer Affairs to take action to secure their online accounts following the announcement last month of a massive breach.


During the last two weeks of September, Yahoo announced that at least 500 million user accounts had been compromised.


An investigation by Yahoo following suspicions of an attack in July uncovered a far larger, allegedly state-sponsored attack in recent weeks, according to the Associated Press.


“We take these types of breaches very seriously and will determine how this occurred and who is responsible,” the FBI said in a statement last week.


Given the importance most people place on protecting personal information, the Department of Consumer Affairs is encouraging Yahoo Mail users to take action by following several tips, said Megan Stockhausen, communications coordinator with the agency.


• Change the account password and security questions immediately. Use strong, creative passwords (uppercase, lowercase and special characters) and don’t share them with anyone. Also, don’t use the same passwords or security questions for multiple accounts, especially when using an email address as the login name on a site.


• Watch out for phishing attempts, which is defined by asking for personal or sensitive information via a phone call, text or email is a tactic used by scammers. Never reply to texts, pop-ups, or emails that ask for verification of personal information. Avoid clicking on links or downloading attachments from suspicious emails or texts.


• Closely monitor financial and benefits statements/accounts. Check all monthly statements and account activity, especially for financial accounts saved as payment options on internet merchant sites.


Review them carefully and notify the financial institution/provider as soon as an unauthorized or suspicious item is spotted.


• Consider a fraud alert and security freeze. Scammers may use the stolen information to open new accounts.


A fraud alert and security freeze are free security measures for a credit report. A fraud alert tells a business accessing the report to take extra steps to verify that the person holding the account is the one seeking its goods/services.


When a security freeze is in place, no one can access the report without the account holder approving it.


Stockhausen said these tips can help anyone trying to secure any personal online information.

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Oakmere Road: Business Email Compromise – Top Phishing Attacks of 2016

In this series of blog posts we examine the most common forms of phishing attacks and appropriate countermeasures to protect both individuals and organizations – in this post we explore Business Email Compromise and the potential fall-out for executives.


Business Email Compromise


At the start of 2016, the FBI warned that it had seen a 270% increase in CEO scams, also known as Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams.


With these scams, savvy cyber criminals are taking the time to harvest personal information and learn the processes within a company. Once armed with this information, they target carefully selected employees with a spear phishing email designed to get access to confidential business information or transfer money into an unknown account.


Companies that have recently fallen victim to this kind of criminal fraud include:


- Ubiquiti Networks – the finance department was targeted by a fraudulent request from an outside entity that resulted in $46.7 million being transferred to an overseas account held by external third parties after an employee was impersonated.

- Mattel – a finance executive wired more than $3 million to the Bank of Wenzhou after the ‘new CEO’ requested a vendor payment. According to reports, Mattel quickly realized that it had been victim of a fraudulent request and worked with Chinese authorities to get the money back.

- FACC – the Austrian aircraft parts maker, whose customers included Airbus, Boeing and Rolls-Royce, reported that they had fired their chief executive after cyber criminals stole €50 million ($55.7 million) in an email scam.


Agari research found that more than 85% of spear phishing attacks are enabled by legitimate cloud services, and the majority do not contain a malicious link or attachment, which make them a lot harder to detect.



A multi-pronged approach is required to counter these types of targeted attacks:

1. Strengthen Internal Processes – To counter the threat of this type of attack, organizations must introduce policies that ensure that no one person or single email can authorize transactions. Instead, there needs to be a mixture of communication channels verifying any request for confidential or financial information.

2. Multi-Layered Approach – There is not a single solution available that can solve the breadth of the email security problem. What’s needed is multiple controls – a cocktail of complementary solutions that provides a multi-layered approach to cyber security where prevention, early detection, attack containment, and recovery measures are considered collectively.

3. Establish Per-message Authenticity – Organizations need a solution that considers sophisticated data science and email security intelligence in order to reinstill trust into the email ecosystem and establish the ‘true’ identity of an email’s sender.


Download Agari’s executive brief on the Top Phishing Attacks of 2016 to learn more about best practices to stopping phishing attacks.


You can also check out the other posts in the Top Phishing Scams series:


- Ransomware

- Data Breach of Employee Information

- Consumer Email Fraud

- Hacktivism

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Oakmere Road: Forex Hoster Review - Is ForexHoster VPS Scam? Does It Work?

Is the Forex Hoster VPS a scam? This is a service that allows users to upload their own Forex scripts, indicators and especially Expert Advisors that they want to run 24/7. FX Hoster hosts the back end that users have access to in order to upload these files.


Forex Hoster is a Forex Vps MetaTrader & Expert Advisor Hosting for Forex Traders. This gives you the ability to view, manage and trade in real-time through your broker, and host live or demo Expert Advisors. Forex Hoster servers are part of a larger grid, that uses various and accurate management systems to make sure that each client has access to the Internet, and is up and running as needed. Free expert advice is assigned to you once you sign up for an account.


Advantages of Hosting Forex Expert Advisors on a Virtual Private Server like Forex Hoster


Since the FX Hoster is 100% Unix based and does not use Windows technology, it is immune to the spyware, malware and viruses that will infect Microsoft environment systems. This independence of Microsoft systems by the software means that I am assured that my trading activities will have no chance of being negatively sabotaged by these viruses and malware.


Generally, when I use a Forex trading robot, I want to ensure that my robot can run as smoothly as possible and eliminate the chances of interrupting it, and you should do this too if you are using Forex Expert Advisors.



The reality is that many of the newer Expert Advisors such as PipZu and Forex Detector are making use of trend adapting technology. This means that they really do need a 24 hour connection to the markets so that they can properly analyse the trends and trade at the right times.


The fact is, switching your computer off, or, worse, having it crash on you, could leave you with stuck open positions or inadequate analysis - costing you money. Forex Hoster removes this risk.


Complete Domain / IP Management


Forex Hoster does not depend on any co-location or hosting company. Therefore its connector is capable of changing locations dynamically to follow the FX Hoster to where it is located at.


What Types of OS Can Forex Hoster Support?


It has multi operating system supports that works with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems and is able to host Forex trading platforms like MetaTrader. I am using this service today as it is the best solution for me to run my Expert Advisor by keeping my MT4 platform running consistently.


Final Overview of the Forex Hoster VPS Service


With all the safety and powerful features that FX Hoster has provided me with, I must say that the membership fee for joining has been well worth the money, and I highly recommend Forex robot users to try it.

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New phishing scam targets fans of popular television show by Oakmere Road

The hugely popular hit HBO show "Game of Thrones" was the most pirated program in 2015. It's been a constant problem for HBO and the company often has to send out warning emails to users and take down demands to torrent sites.


But now, even if you're not pirating "Game of Thrones" you could get one of these notices - but it's not what it seems. Scammers have started to send spoof warning emails from HBO in order to get victims to to send over some serious cash.


The spoof emails instruct the victim to pay a few hundred dollars as part of a settlement for being caught pirating Season 6, Episode 10 of "Game of Thrones." The email reads:


"On this regard, request is hereby made that you and all persons using this account immediately and permanently cease and desist the unauthorized copying and/or distribution of the Work listed in this notice. You may also be liable for monetary damages, including court costs and/or attorney fees if a lawsuit is commenced against you."


The email later says you only have 72 hours to complete your settlement, otherwise further legal action will be taken.


The email is very convincing and could fool nearly everyone. It is professionally-worded and has minimal typos. So in this case, the best defense might be knowing what HBO's real cease and desist letters look like:


It's important to note that the real cease and desist letter doesn't demand money and there's no time limit. It also specifically names the IP address, whereas the fake email doesn't.


Scammers are getting trickier by the day, so you'll have to stay one step ahead of them. One way to do this is to know the warning signs and red flags to look for before clicking on any links or sending out any sensitive information.


- Keep an eye out for typos and bad grammar.

- Be able to identify where the email is coming from.

- Hover your mouse over any links before you click to see where they are pointing.

- Click here to take the Phishing Email quiz to see if you can spot all the warning signs of a phishing scam.

- Be wary of email-only wire transfer requests and requests involving urgency.

- Be cautious of mimicked email addresses.

- Practice multi-level authentication.

- Protect yourself with online security software. We recommend our sponsor, Kaspersky Lab, which offers software that helps to filter out and warn you about phishing scams, so your odds of being tricked are slim. Kaspersky Total Security can recognize and block malicious links and Trojan programs, and covers up to five devices on one license. Buy it today and save 50%.

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Phil Devin Consultants: At hjælpe dig med at finde det perfekte hjem

Phil Devin fast ejendom har været at give god fast ejendom service siden dag ét og har været en del af mange opfyldt drømme af mennesker i at få deres ideelle hjem i Australien. Phil Devin beskrev det som et lille "boutique" type agentur miljø, der koncentrerer sig om at give "bedre service og bedre resultater". Phil er et professionelt forpligtet til at levere tjenesten fast ejendom hver klient fortjener. Hans mange års erfaring give mere kant til hans fast ejendom viden.

Købe en fast ejendom vil ikke give dig en vanskelig tid hvis du vælger Phil Devin til at håndtere det for dig. Han tilbyder forskellige slags egenskaber, der kunne matche smag af forskellige klienter og du kan finde det på listen over ejendomme til salg / til auktion på Phil Devin konsulenter officielle site.

De har en beliggende i Loganholme, der tilbyder en ideel investeringsmulighed for dig. Det har en langsigtet lejer allerede på plads, således dit investeringsafkast er visse. Der er andre ejendomme opført på sin hjemmeside som to-etagers hjem i Daisy Hill, der har en frisk og forfriskende maling og er beliggende i et godt sted. Din familie vil helt sikkert finde lykke i denne ejendom med sin størrelse og praktiske funktioner. Du vil ikke også har problemer med skolegang dine børn, fordi det er i nærheden af forskellige skoler og gymnasier, og det er kun en kort køretur fra motorvejen.

Disse to ejendomme nævnt ovenfor var ikke de eneste børsnoterede egenskaber på webstedet, fordi der er mere! Phil Devin fast ejendom tilbyder i øjeblikket, også en fredelig ejendom beliggende i et af de rolige dele af Holland Park. Det er perfekt for enhver familie, fordi det byder på komfort, god plads og en rolig livsstil.

At finde et sted, der ligger i Hope Island? Phil Devin har en til at tilbyde så godt. To-etagers hjem kan prale af sin store dimensioner, højt til loftet, og glas indhegnet pool. Du og din familie vil helt sikkert have en god tid på sin enorme og privat indendørs/udendørs opholdsområder.

Phil Devin fast ejendom tilbyder også en ejendom i Holland Park West. Det ser nye fordi det for nylig er renoveret, og resultatet er naturligvis af kvalitet. Den gode nyhed er, at det har en lav body corporate gebyrer og lav løbende vedligeholdelse samt.

Dens officielle websted præsenterer også bekvemmelighed til dem der er interesseret i at købe, sælge eller leje en ejendom. Liste af boliger til salg og til auktion er tilgængelige på webstedet, samt de egenskaber, der er blevet solgt.

Du kan anmode om en adgangsvurdering gennem deres online site og Søg efter en bolig, der er tilgængelige for leje. Du kan også udfylde-up lejemålet anvendelse og vedligeholdelse anmodning på webstedet.

Komme i kontakt med Phil Devin at vide mere om tjenesterne af Phil Devin Real Estate og vidne sin ægte og fremragende service.

Om os

Tale med nogen, der har oplevet processen med at købe eller sælge fast ejendom og ofte deres resultater er en kombination af stress, skuffelse og i sidste ende kompromis! En af mine mange mål er at sikre din næste skridt er et positivt.

Jeg startede Phil Devin fast ejendom med en simpel mission: "til at levere resultater der overstiger FORVENTNINGERNE klienter".

Hvad betyder det for dig?

  • Jeg ved du har travlt, og jeg respekterer din tid. Når vi sat en aftale, og jeg vil være der.
  • Når jeg siger noget kan gøres... kan du regne med det.
  • Jeg forsøge ikke at sne mennesker eller skjule oplysninger. Jeg er alt om offentliggørelse.
  • Jeg er ikke i den forbindelse med enhver transaktion - jeg er i det for langdistanceflyvninger... de livslange relationer.
  • Det betyder, at jeg vil arbejde for at få det resultat, du fortjener.

I sidste ende når du køber eller sælger med mig, kommer det til din beslutning om, hvad der er rigtigt for dig. Mit mål er at sørge for du har nok oplysninger til at træffe en beslutning, kan du være tilfreds med ned ad sporet. Når du vælger mig til at hjælpe dig med at købe eller sælge din bolig kan du regne lydhør, kvalitet, omfattende og personlig service.

"Skuffelse er forskellen mellem hvad kunden forventer og agenten leverer"

Jeg ved, at mine klienter trang til at beskæftige sig med en 'professionel', der kan "lytte" til deres individuelle ønsker og behov og levere løsninger til dem!

Phil Devin er det professionelle!

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