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Main article: Oakmere Road Forex Hoster Review Is ForexHoster VPS Scam Does It Work

Oakmere Road: Forex Hoster Review - Is ForexHoster VPS Scam? Does It Work?

Is the Forex Hoster VPS a scam? This is a service that allows users to upload their own Forex scripts, indicators and especially Expert Advisors that they want to run 24/7. FX Hoster hosts the back end that users have access to in order to upload these files.


Forex Hoster is a Forex Vps MetaTrader & Expert Advisor Hosting for Forex Traders. This gives you the ability to view, manage and trade in real-time through your broker, and host live or demo Expert Advisors. Forex Hoster servers are part of a larger grid, that uses various and accurate management systems to make sure that each client has access to the Internet, and is up and running as needed. Free expert advice is assigned to you once you sign up for an account.


Advantages of Hosting Forex Expert Advisors on a Virtual Private Server like Forex Hoster


Since the FX Hoster is 100% Unix based and does not use Windows technology, it is immune to the spyware, malware and viruses that will infect Microsoft environment systems. This independence of Microsoft systems by the software means that I am assured that my trading activities will have no chance of being negatively sabotaged by these viruses and malware.


Generally, when I use a Forex trading robot, I want to ensure that my robot can run as smoothly as possible and eliminate the chances of interrupting it, and you should do this too if you are using Forex Expert Advisors.



The reality is that many of the newer Expert Advisors such as PipZu and Forex Detector are making use of trend adapting technology. This means that they really do need a 24 hour connection to the markets so that they can properly analyse the trends and trade at the right times.


The fact is, switching your computer off, or, worse, having it crash on you, could leave you with stuck open positions or inadequate analysis - costing you money. Forex Hoster removes this risk.


Complete Domain / IP Management


Forex Hoster does not depend on any co-location or hosting company. Therefore its connector is capable of changing locations dynamically to follow the FX Hoster to where it is located at.


What Types of OS Can Forex Hoster Support?


It has multi operating system supports that works with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems and is able to host Forex trading platforms like MetaTrader. I am using this service today as it is the best solution for me to run my Expert Advisor by keeping my MT4 platform running consistently.


Final Overview of the Forex Hoster VPS Service


With all the safety and powerful features that FX Hoster has provided me with, I must say that the membership fee for joining has been well worth the money, and I highly recommend Forex robot users to try it.

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